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“More Fun than Winning the Lottery”

That was the reaction of an amateur treasure hunter in Britain who stumbled upon a hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure in a neighbor’s field. Archaeologists are proclaiming it the greatest collection of medieval treasure ever found in Great Britain.


“This is just a fantastic find completely out of the blue,” Roger Bland, who managed the cache’s excavation, told The Associated Press. “It will make us rethink the Dark Ages. That’s basically what it’s going to do.”

The seventh century hoard, found by 55-year-old Terry Herbert on farmland in western England two months ago, consists of about 1,500 pieces of gold and silver, some inlaid with precious stones. So fine is the craftsmanship that experts say it could have belonged to Anglo-Saxon royalty.

The treasure will likely be sold to a museum, making the finder (and his neighbor) very rich men.

UPDATE: A much more detailed account of the story can be found here.


Yep, It’s a Fake

But a very good fake. If you’ve seen this video of an incredible water slide stunt, be assured that the idiot who performs it really didn’t. It’s a clever marketing gimmick by Microsoft-Germany.

Even so, it’s worth seeing again:

Death Will Not Be Cheated

Johanna Ganthaler and her husband, Kirk, were scheduled to fly Air France Flight 447 back to Europe after their vacation in Brazil. In one of those odd twists of fate, they were late to the airport and missed the flight — and certain death.

After returning to Germany on a later flight, they rented a car and headed for home in Italy. Driving through Austria, they were involved in a head-on collision. Johanna was killed.

While the deaths of so many on a downed airplane is a tragedy, the truth is that all of us will die some day. It’s just a question of when and how.

New Golfer’s First Swing: Hole-in-One!

At age 62, Unni Haskell decided to take up golf. So she hired a pro to give her golf lessons for a couple of months. Finally, the day came when she felt she was ready to take on a real golf course, the nine-hole Cypress Links course in St. Petersburg, FL.

Boy, was she ever.

On her very first swing on the very first hole, Ms. Haskell nailed a hole-in-one. Her pro, standing next to her, went nuts, but Ms. Haskell was a little bewildered. She had no idea what she had just accomplished.

I’m thinking Ms. Haskell missed an opportunity here. After she hit that shot, she should have dropped her clubs and walked away from the game, retiring as The Greatest Golfer In The History of the Universe. Nobody could ever top that.

It’s Pi Day

Congress may not be very good with numbers, but they’ve taken the time to honor one number that everybody can appreciate: pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, usually rounded to 3.14. Naturally, Pi Day is today, 3/14.

For Better or Worse . . . Especially Worse

You’ve seen a lot of wedding bloopers, but I guarantee you’ve never seen one like this.

Who Says Weathermen Are not Romantic?

This is a proposal she’ll not soon forget. Cute!