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9/12 Tea Party: Back to the Future

Barbara Curtis participated in the Sept. 12 Tea Party march in D.C. She sees it as the beginning of a major movement that will have an historic impact on our nation. She should know — she was once a leftist hippie radical in the vanguard of the last such movement in the 60s.

What I observed — no matter how ignored or spun by the increasingly irrelevant dinosaur media — tells me that this spontaneous and improbable gathering of conservatives is just the beginning of a movement that in the end will be as culturally revolutionary as the Woodstock generation.

It’s ironic that the same baby boomers who turned the country upside down in the 60s are about to turn it upside down again. Groovy!

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How to Tell the Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals

Photographic evidence.

A question from the reader comments: “Would cleaning up the mess left by liberals be considered a shovel-ready job?”