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Rush, the NFL, the MSM . . . and Integrity

Only one of the three has it.

The double-standard shown by the NFL and the media in the recent flap over Rush Limbaugh’s bid to buy ownership in the St. Louis Rams is over-the-top shameless. John Hawkins draws five important lessons from the episode. The last one is directed at conservatives:

Maybe conservatives should actually start raising a lot more hell about issues like this one. When Hollywood, the NFL, and the mainstream media conclude that conservatives aren’t suckers who will still hand them money even as they’re insulted, maybe the insults will stop. . . . If conservatives do nothing else in the next few years — well, besides taking back Congress and defeating Barack Obama — we should insist on an end to that double standard.


Unassisted Triple Play

For the uninformed, an unassisted triple play in baseball is when a single player gets three opposing players out in one play. It has happened only 15 times in the history of major league baseball.

It happened yesterday in Philadelphia against the NY Mets. Watch it:

Of course, if you’ll notice carefully, the Mets played a big role in setting up this play. The two players on first and second were trying to pull off a double steal, which enabled the defensive player to quickly get the last two outs.

New Golfer’s First Swing: Hole-in-One!

At age 62, Unni Haskell decided to take up golf. So she hired a pro to give her golf lessons for a couple of months. Finally, the day came when she felt she was ready to take on a real golf course, the nine-hole Cypress Links course in St. Petersburg, FL.

Boy, was she ever.

On her very first swing on the very first hole, Ms. Haskell nailed a hole-in-one. Her pro, standing next to her, went nuts, but Ms. Haskell was a little bewildered. She had no idea what she had just accomplished.

I’m thinking Ms. Haskell missed an opportunity here. After she hit that shot, she should have dropped her clubs and walked away from the game, retiring as The Greatest Golfer In The History of the Universe. Nobody could ever top that.

Fantasy Football, Season Two

After a miraculous come-from-behind charge to take the league championship in my rookie season last year, I’ve been eager for this new season to arrive. My buddies and I had the draft party last night, and I think I ended up with a fairly decent team. Some of the same players return — Peyton Manning, Jason Whitten, Laurence Maroney, the Pittsburg DST. But I’m a little concerned about my wide receiver corps, populated with long shots like the Jets’ Laveranues Coles, who might sparkle as Brett Favres’ favorite receiver. Who knows?

It’ll be a tough season, I’m sure. After all, I’m the defending champ, and everyone will be gunning for the top dog. Bring ’em on!

McCain Veep Option

Hey, John, take a look at Kobe Bryant. I don’t know much about his politics, but ya gotta love his patriotism.

What Automobile Safety Ought to Be

Our son Jonathan lives near Texas Motor Speedway, and drew attention to this recent crash during a qualifying run. The driver, Michael McDowell, walked away from the wreck.

This goes to show what cars could be like, if we really wanted to ensure the safety of passengers. Of course, who would want to drive such a machine to work every day?

Fantasy Football Wrap-Up

It may not rank up there with The Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Olympics, but it comes close.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, despite a mediocre 6-7 season in my fantasy football league, I managed to make it to the championship game against the #1 team (11-3). I made a few adjustments in my lineup, and the changes paid off big time. I beat my opponent handily, 93-65.

Of course, it also helped that several of my opponent’s key players had unusually poor performances. But, hey, I’m not proud — I’ll take a W any way I can get it.