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Maybe the Civil War Is Not Over

I’ve often wondered why this hasn’t happened before:

In the passionate world of Civil War re-enactors, authenticity is everything — from uniforms with historically correct stitching to hardtack made from scratch.

A battle re-enactment last month pushed realism to the limits: A retired New York City police officer portraying a Union soldier for a documentary film was shot in the shoulder, possibly by a Confederate re-enactor.

The shooting sent the 73-year-old to the hospital and left the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Office in rural southeastern Virginia with a Civil War-style CSI case.

Re-enactors take their hobby seriously, but come on, real musket balls??


Belated Happy Birthday, Rob’t E. Lee

On the anniversary of Robert E. Lee’s birth, a tribute to my Southern heritage. (Okay, his birthday was Jan. 19, but I just now stumbled across this.)

Yankees just don’t get it.