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The Left and Islamic Radicalism

Jamie Glazov explains why the Left in this country cannot bring themselves to admit the obvious regarding the Ft. Hood shooter:

To recognize the evil of Nidal Hasan and his ideology, to admit the existence of pernicious enemies, is to concede that there are societies, cultures, and systems that are much more unjust than ours. This is an untenable step for leftists to take, because it means acknowledging that there is something superior about our civilization that’s worth saving and defending.

The Left’s infatuation with multiculturalism has led it to a point where reality has been turned on its head: Our own society is evil and deserves to be knocked down a few notches, while Islamic fanatics are merely victims who must be understood in light of the oppressive imperialism forced upon their societies.


Deja Vu All Over Again

Rand Simberg bemoans the fact that, in view of yesterday’s failed bombing of NW Flight 253, our politically correct government obviously hasn’t learned anything from 9/11.

This all has a feeling of deja vu to it. We are going to spend the next days and weeks discussing all the things that we discussed eight years ago. The same stupid arguments will be made that are refuted by politically incorrect reality, but at the end, airline travel will be even more onerous, fewer will choose to fly for short trips, the airlines will take it in the shorts again (and probably need another bailout), and the incompetents at the TSA will be rewarded. We will be less free and, in that hoary old phrase, the terrorists will have won, without blowing up a single plane.

Ft. Hood: Ignoring the Obvious

Dorothy Rabinowitz dissects the loony political correctness that has scrambled to exonerate Islam following the Ft. Hood massacre. The unwillingness of so many in power to state the obvious bodes ill for the security of our nation.

It has taken Maj. Hasan, and the fantastic efforts to explain away his act of bloody hatred, to bring home how much less capable we are of recognizing the dangers confronting us than we were even before September 11.

If our intelligentsia, both in government and in the media, cannot bring themselves to admit the ongoing threat to our civilization from radical Islam as a coherent movement, then we will not succeed in defending ourselves against it.

Fascism in the Name of Diversity

Look carefully at how the diversity advocates push their agenda, and it’s obvious that their broadmindedness has carefully drawn limits. John Leo relates several examples of Catholic charities that have been driven out of business by government mandates that they provide services contrary to core church teachings. In other words, the church’s traditional stance on moral issues is exempt from diversity protection.

Those who talk the most about diversity and pluralism are often the most willing to mandate that all private and religious institutions conform to one ideological framework. Liberals . . . are eradicating the differences needed to make tolerance a viable practice. In order to enhance diversity, it is necessary to suppress it.

It is only a matter of time before all churches that adhere to traditional (i.e., conservative) principles will feel the jackboot of a fascist government on their necks.

The Fascists at Our Borders

Our northern border, that is.

The Canadian “Human Rights Commissions” have lately provided a couple of chilling examples of how fragile our freedom of speech really is.

They came after Mark Steyn for allegedly misrepresenting Muslim interests in a Maclean’s Magazine article. Visit the “Free Mark Steyn!” website for the latest developments on that front.

They also came after Ezra Levant, former publisher of a Canadian magazine who had a complaint filed against him by a Muslim for publishing the infamous Mohammad cartoons. Levant tells the whole story on his website. His opening statement to the Commission (see video below) is a classic defense of our most basic human right.

Those who are having fits over the title of Jonah Goldberg’s new bestseller, Liberal Fascism, need to take a long, hard look at what is happening across our Western culture. As political correctness slowly chokes our freedom to speak our minds, our societies are gradually being transformed into gulags of thought control, dominated by fear of reprisal.