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Why the Anti-Gay Marriage Proposition Won

Despite the leftward tilt in Tuesday’s election, voters in three large states — California, Arizona, and Florida — passed propositions defining marriage as heterosexual only. There are several reasons why these propositions passed, but one stands out as worthy of mention, at least regarding the California vote.

The pro-amendment forces were running a devastating ad showing a self-satisfied San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom shouting wild-eyed at a rally that same-sex marriage was inevitable “whether you like it or not.” The announcer then said darkly, “It’s no longer about tolerance. Acceptance of gay marriage is now mandatory.” Many fence sitters were turned off by Newsom’s arrogance.

It’s not just Newsom’s arrogance. The whole gay rights movement is increasingly dominated by shrill activists whose in-your-face tactics turn off straight people. Their behavior confirms the fears of many, that the gay rights issue is not about simple tolerance; it’s about defiance — brash, arrogant, fist-shaking, you’d-better-accept-this-or-else defiance. Normal people will react negatively to that kind of pushiness every time, regardless of the merits of the cause.