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Latest Rob Martino

Chapman Stick artist Rob Martino recently posted this performance. Great, as usual.


The Music of My Youth

The other night Melissa and I were eating at Spangles, a local retro burger restaurant, listening to the oldies music they play. A song came on that I hadn’t heard in a long time: “I’ll Never Find Another You” by the Seekers. This song is a classic example of the kind of folk music that was popular back in the 60s, when I was coming of age.  The song brought back a lot of pleasant memories.

The Seekers were an Australian group that had several big hits, then disbanded, and over the years has reappeared in various forms. This YouTube clip is from their farewell concert in London in 1968.

Richard Burmer

Yesterday marked the second anniversary of the passing of new age musician Richard Burmer.

I first came across Burmer’s music on the original version of the Western Spaces CD, a collaboration among Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny, and Burmer. His contribution to that album, “Across the View,” is still my favorite Burmer tune.

He released a series of solo CDs in the late 80s and early 90s, but never achieved the fame of other artists in the new age genre. I never understood that, because Burmer’s music was in a class all by itself. Following his death, the Hearts of Space radio show devoted an entire episode to his music, entitled appropriately, “Across the View” (#794). A fitting tribute.

Burmer was just shy of 51 years old when he died. His musical genius will be missed.

If You Have iTunes

Be sure to check out these instructions for setting the equalizer to get “perfect” sound from your speakers. The instructions are for a Mac — the Windows instructions are slightly different:

  • Access the equalizer via View > Show Equalizer
  • Set the individual levels first, then rename the preset label in the drop list.

The result is sound that is, well, “perfect.”

Here is what my Windows version looks like.


I recently stumbled across this song listening to Pandora at work. I just froze.

I’ve never heard of the artists, a Dutch metal band called Within Temptation (the vocalist is Sharon den Adel), but this song definitely caught my attention.

Guitar Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

There are some very good guitar players, and then there are those whose minds and fingers are merely an extension of the instrument. Dominic Frasca (“Eddie Van Halen for eggheads”) falls into the second category.

Time for Another Enya Video

This is the title track from her latest CD Amarantine.