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Global Cooling — At Least in Wichita

Quick — someone notify Al Gore.

Wichita experienced a record cold temperature last night of 53 degrees. It was pretty chilly this morning. But it sure beats the kind of August temps we usually get.

And it could get just as cold tonight.


Springtime in Kansas

Yesterday it was almost 80 degress with a hot south wind. This morning it was in the 30s and snowing.

More evidence of global warming cooling whatever.

Springtime in Kansas

South-central Kansas is getting pounded by an early spring blizzard. We had over two inches of sleet fall between Friday afternoon and dawn Saturday. Now it is snowing furiously. And it is cooooold.  Check out a photo gallery here.

Without doubt, this is solid evidence that global warming is a myth. (Hey, if the GW alarmists can play that game, so can I.)

Living on the Water

After the destruction of Hurricane Ike, why in the world would anyone choose to rebuild on the shores of Galveston Bay? One long-term resident explains why in this poignant WSJ video report from San Leon.

I have relatives who live nearby in Bacliff, so I understand fully the attraction to this region.

The Collapse of the Global Warming Scare

Evidence continues to mount that the fears raised by the global warming alarmists are bogus. It’s only a matter of time before the whole sorry mess is quietly forgotten.

Global warm mongers are rapidly losing credibility. Mainstream journalists will still believe them because climate change fits the narrative they’ve so carefully nurtured. But eventually the error will have to admitted. It won’t happen publicly, though, because by the time they come to their senses, the issue will have been long forgotten by the public.

Ike vs Katrina

Or more like, Houston vs. New Orleans. At the state, local, and neighborhood level, the spirit of the people involved in these two disasters couldn’t be more different. Which would explain the dearth of shocking news stories coming out of Texas.

According to an outside disaster relief specialist working in Baytown, “I’ve never been a place where the city was so helpful.” I’m proud to call Baytown my hometown.

Watching Ike

I’m watching a live web feed of KHOU-TV as they follow Hurricane Ike moving ashore over the next few hours. Riveting story.

Especially riveting for personal reasons: I learned earlier today that a cousin of mine who lives in Galveston elected to ride out the storm. I’m praying for Becky and her husband.

UPDATE: 11:00 am Saturday: Just heard that Becky and her husband rode out the storm just fine. They were on the third floor of an old building that had survived the 1900 hurricane, so they felt safe. Apparently their confidence was well-placed.