Bigfoot — Big Yarn

The internet is all abuzz with news that a couple of men have found the carcass of a Bigfoot specimen in a remote area of northern Georgia (USA). They’ve stashed the corpse in a home freezer for safe keeping, but have promised a scientific study in short order to establish the validity of their claims.

Given the shady history of at least one of the men involved, Jason Daley at Popular Science makes a prediction:

I’ll bet that this Bigfoot sighting will follow the same disappointing script as other cryptozoolofical finds–after they release their photos and (likely inconclusive) DNA evidence and the body goes behind the “armed guards,” it will then be lost, “destroyed” by a freak event, or never seen again, except on grainy film shot by a horrible photographer that will be endlessly examined on the History Channel.

UPDATE (8/19):  Yep, it’s a fake.


One response to “Bigfoot — Big Yarn

  1. when i heard about the most recent Bigfoot sighting it really got my hopes up…

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