Of Zealots and Heretics

Ever wonder what it must have been like as a medieval heretic struggling against the almighty power of the Church? Harry Mount in the Daily Telegraph says you can find out quite easily: “Try saying you’re a bit sceptical about man-made global warming.” You’ll find out in a hurry what it’s like to be a heretic.

Environmentalism is the new secular faith – school prayer for liberals, as an American philosopher put it. The faith is a strict one. You’re not allowed to join if you think that it’s sensible to keep an eye on the environment but don’t think that man is to blame for changes in world temperature.

You must believe in the full package. If you do, you are blessed, free from sin and allowed the pious smugness you find in the worst sort of religious believers. It’s not enough to believe in these things yourself; you must condemn others for not sharing your belief.

Human nature is universal, whether clothed in clerical robes or eco-friendly jeans. When a group of people coalesce around a shared faith, their zeal for The Cause can exceed the boundaries of common sense, and irrational arrogance is the inevitable result.

The environmental movement is overdue for a Reformation.


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