A Fourth Bourne Movie?

I just saw The Bourne Ultimatum this evening, the final installment of the Bourne Trilogy. It had all the elements that have made this franchise such a hit with moviegoers: action, intrigue, ingenious super-sleuth technology, shocking plot twists, and the requisite car chase. Not to mention, Matt Damon makes a really cool spy. The only negative I would give the movie is the herky-jerky camera movement. The technique was quite effective in the first two movies, but in this episode the wild camera swings were way over the top.

The movie is a huge hit, which raises the question of whether or not there will be a fourth movie. Chris Nashawity holds out some promise, but suggests there may be a hiatus for awhile. There’s one very obvious reason:

There’s the question of what the superspy would do in a fourth film. Robert Ludlum wrote only three Bourne books before he died, in 2001, and then Eric Van Lustbader put out the next two in his stead. In any case, the films have never had much in common with the books, titles notwithstanding. ”I just don’t see what story you could do that would feel right,” says Damon. ”It’s not like you can bump him on the head again and give him amnesia. Someone suggested we could do one where Bourne loses his car keys . . . .” If that’s what they’re coming up with, maybe a break isn’t a bad idea.

UPDATE (8/7/07): NY Post columnist Cindy Adams announces a fourth sequel is a “done deal.” But no quotes to back up that claim.

UPDATE (9/3/07): Judging from the link stats on this blog, there must be a lot of interest in another Bourne movie. Every weekend — when people are most likely to go to a movie — this particular blog entry gets barraged with hits. Apparently folks rush home from the theater and immediately get online to see when the next one is coming out.

UPDATE (12/7/07): Peter Sciretta sees evidence Matt Damon is now open to the possibility of a fourth movie. Quoting Damon:

“If Paul Greengrass, maybe years down the road, was interested in doing another one, then I would do it, too,” he said. “I don’t think either of us completely put the character to bed yet.”

But given the mediocre quality of the last two books, Sciretta thinks Hollywood might be better served to come up with an entirely new plotline for a fourth movie.

UPDATE (12/28/07): For his part, director Paul Greengrass won’t commit to doing a fourth movie — but neither will he rule it out.

I remember at the end of Supremacy you could just feel people coming out of the theatres wanting another one. You could just feel it in the audience and they’re the people who should decide that – not me or the studio or anybody else. If an audience wants another one that’ll be because there are some unresolved questions at the end of this one. They won’t want one if they feel that the story has come to its end.

So what is it, Bourne fans: Do we want a fourth movie?

UPDATE (2/23/08): It’s official — there will definitely be a fourth movie!

UPDATE (6/25/08): Producer Frank Marshall has announced that shooting of the fourth movie will begin in the summer of 2009, with release scheduled for 2010. The story line will be something original involving South America — nothing based on any of the books that followed the Robert Ludlum originals.


63 responses to “A Fourth Bourne Movie?

  1. NO i love the bourne movies and i would love to see them some more( more movies made) and matt damon is soooo good in them!!!!!!

    • I agree there is a story for a fourth film. Bourne has found out is real name & place of birth at the end of Bourne Ultimatum and this will probably the basis of the story. He would probably look up his past and try to find out his life before an assassin!

  2. mattdamonisHOTTT!!!!!

    MAKE A 4TH ONE PLEASE PPL!!!! they are so good- the stunts are realistic (to a certain extent), the plot line is believable and theyre such a huge hit… but my big question is, if they can make 2 more books, how hard can it be to make at least ONE more movie? I mean, really.

  3. I believe there will be a fourth movie! There will be a 4th because 47 min. into the movie Jason Bourne and Nicky Parson are sitting at a dinner and Jason asks “Why are you helping me?” Nicky’s respond was ” It was difficult for me, with you” Bourne: “What do you mean?” Nicky “You really don’t remember anything?” I believe Jason and Nicky have a history together before Jason volunteered for the special operations and had his memory erased. If they did make a fourth movie, the story line would must involve her being kidnapped or something similar.

  4. I agree with Sniki. I think something could develop where Nicky or Pam need his help or are in trouble or something. I would see it a couple of times like the last 3.
    Get some rest Sniki, you look tired…

  5. I agree with Sniki that there does definitely seem to be a larger story behind the relationship between Nicky Parsons and Jason Bourne, although Matt Damon has also told many sources that “The Bourne Ultimatum” would be his last film in this series. Unless Universal is planning on using another actor for the role, I think it’s pretty much over for Bourne. : (

  6. I agree with Sniki. I also believe that the character of Jason Bourne is strong enough, even without Matt Damon, that he could be a new, more modern, more realistic James Bond. I can see these movies continuing for many, many years. I would prefer that Matt Damon stay in the role for a few more years, but I could live with a replacement.

  7. A 4th movie would be a big hit instead of a flopper like most sequels, etc. are. These movies are probably the best ever created and are open to a wide range of an audience. The thrill, the action, the excitement, the romance; it’s all there. However, I would have to say if there was a different actor, not only would the movie lose it’s “quality” so to speak, I myself would not go see it in the theaters. Matt Damon is Jason Bourne. No one else could pull that off.

  8. I like Sniki’s idea. Call it, “Bourne Redemption.” Start with David finding Nicki, similar to Bourne I ending. Another Navy vet is appointed as head of CIA (cut to executive branch debate whether that’s a wise idea). Vet turns out to be Viet era comrade of Ezra (flashback of Ezra saving Vet’s life; Vet: “I owe you one”), and to redeem Ezra frames Pam. Pam flees, plants story in Int’l Herald Trib to draw David out for meeting. Pam: “You don’t owe me anything.” David: “I’m doing this for myself.” Pam is a desk woman now trying field agent craft. She’s read training manuals, but has never killed anyone . . . until now. In one of several requisite motor vehicle chase scenes, she tries to flee on a motorcycle, but a la Richard Gere (Pretty Woman) is missing all her gear shifts. Cycle stalls, and bad guy unexpectedly crashes into her. A la Bourne of using what ever’s handy for weapon, she stabs him in eye w/ eyeliner stick. Cut to store scene where Pam buys another, to store clerk: “I lent mine to a colleague.” David tries to teach Pam how to stay alive. Pam is shaking, now w/ blood on her hands: “How can I live with myself?” David to Pam: “Think of all the men the CIA had me kill, and add one more.” Film Hillary in a cameo (film now while she has some time), as POTUS, giving David medal and pardon: “You saved American lives; there’s a star on the wall @ Langley for Jason Bourne.” End scene, David to Nicky: “You can go home again . . . if you want to go home.” Nicky: “Where’s home?”

  9. i wish there was a fourth sequel planed but i think the story would be bad as jason bourne has completed and done everything in the first 3…. what could the fourth be aboout? not another agency trying to kill him again… but while i was watching the film i thought that nicky parson and jasons history would be shown later on in the film, but it wasnt… so i think that if there is a fourth , it will be about their story.

  10. I agree with Jessie no body can replace Matt Damon as Jason Bourne/David Webb, if that happended then don’t bother making another movie it wouldn’t be a waste of money!!! the bourne movies were amazing!! However i would like to see a bourne four!! There were too many questions left unanswered like who is David Webb? Why did he volunteer? what is going to happen between Nikki and David? What is the historty behind Nikki and David? Does David Webb have family? These are just a few questions that need some answering! I think the NEXT movie should Focus on who David Webb is and how Nikki plays into his life?

  11. First of all, I don’t care if you don’t follow the plotline of the last two books, I just want another movie. Secondly, there are a ton of unanswered questions and the interaction between jason and nicky in the third movie clearly showed chemistry, but i have no idea what happened with them or how they knew each other cuz… you didnt tell us! And the way you left it in the third movie… him just swimming in the water… could you have given any LESS closure to the trilogy?! But if you can’t get Matt to do it then don’t bother.

  12. Thank you ertsfan! You just pretty much killed like whole premise of a fourth movie! Good going! NOT!!!

  13. Bourne Beginning.
    A prequel that answers remaining questions and explains the relationship between he and nikki.

  14. i think that they will make a 4th one… because of right now everyone is really excited about the trilogy… and if they made another it would bring in tons of moola… I’m not saying that they would do it just for the money, that would be an insult.. but people would go to see it and rent it and buy it even if it is terrible.. about the ideas… i think that they should definitely digress into david webbs past a little more.. maybe instead of a romantic relationship between nikki and david(i know… people only want a sizzle) but i think it would be cool if nikki was actually his sister or something.. it would be great if he found out that he had a family.. like maybe some tragedy that sort of drew the family apart(explaining why david gave his life to the “organization” you know he wants to forget everything that happened.. like now he could find out that he has a younger brother, maybe with a budding career.. and david tries to make contact with him.. and of course things would happen and his brother would have to get involved in the whole plot probably against his will.. and once david unlocks all the secrets of his old life he then starts to remember why he left.. why he gave it up.. and he will start to wish that he didn’t know it all.. i don’t know just an idea..

  15. Oh yes! I want another one too! I absolutely love this series and I have to say I would definitely want Damon as Bourne and Stiles as Nikki. They have been in this series the entire time and need to see it out! It would not be the same without either of them. I love it when all the actors and actresses carry into any sequels. Take ertsfan’s idea, just make another movie no matter how you do it! I didn’t notice any of the camera shaking either… I guess I was too wrapped up in the storyline and action to catch it.

  16. Could do without the eyeliner stick as weapon though! 😉

  17. Nothing would make me happier than seeing another brilliant addition to the Bourne series. Of course, some things concern me. The movie should be made in less than 3 or 4 years because Matt Damon would have aged 10 years since the first movie. The only other thing that I’m worried about is the plotline. If making a 4th movie means having a ridiculous plotline that ruins the series, like the Rocky movies, then I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t make anymore. I really want them to make another Bourne movie because in my personal opinion, these are the best movies ever made (yes, even better then the Godfather, which is too slow for me), not to mention Matt Damon is perfect for the role.

  18. also, hey ross, i dont want to spoil the potential 4th movie for you, but that interaction between Nikki and Bourne shows sign that when Bourne was David Webb, Nikki might have been his girlfriend. Also, the ending crisis. I was so upset to see him just swimming away, but then i thought about it while watching it again. The movie ends shortly after Bourne talks to the man who could kill him. He asked the man why he was supposed to kill him, and he said, “look what they make you give.” I’m by far no expert, but that’s what i come up with.

  19. The bourne films are amazing, but i think it would be ruined with a fourth. Everything was kind of wrapped up in the 3rd, and im happy at leaving it at that. I really dont want there to be a 4th bourne film because the 3 are amazing, and im not sure a fourth one would be of as good quality. PLEASE NO 4th FILM 🙂

  20. I think there should be a fourth Bourne movie. There’s still a number of unanswered questions, such as why the Treadstone program was started to begin with. It shouldn’t be enough to just have a name. David Webb should learn about his past and why Jason Bourne was created. Surely the conspiracy is bigger than it looks plus, honestly, I want to see why the CIA Director didn’t get his comeuppance and what his involvement was.

  21. There MUST be a fourth movie, and not a lame prequel but a follow up that will make us literally worship Ludlum for ever writing the first book. In III, Bourne survived the fall into the sea, and there are still bad CIA guys –not to mention the unanswered questions regarding Webb’s past– who need to be hunted down and punished, the Bourne way! Above all, the Blackbriar program have to be terminated once and for all. We Bourne fans feed on brain twisters, mystery and unanswered questions, so a fourth movie will have to create just as many new questions as it’ll give answer.

    Plot IV, in my opinion, should give a lot of screentime to Paz, who will snap out of his Blackops brainwashing and help Webb hunt down Ezra Kramer and his Blackbriar gang, who will, as he mentioned on the phone to Vosen, try to frame Pamela Landy for the escape of Webb, Paz and the confidential Blackbriar documents she leaked — to guess who, Marie’s brother in Paris. Nicky will turn out to be Webb’s sister, rather than ex-girlfriend. “It was difficult for me, with you…” Well, if you thought otherwise, you need to get laid my friend.

    Just when Webb starts thinking Paz is his new best friend, he uncovers (by chance and on an airplane to Istanbul) that he secretly killed Marie’s brother behind his back and retrieved the files to take them back to Langley. While Webb is fighting Paz at 35,000 feet in the cargo compartment, Vosen’s gang of CIA hitmen arrive on a B-1 Lancer and board the huge jet from a small SWAT entrance on the aft side. Webb kills two, wears one of the guy’s black gear and skydives down, leaving Paz, the gang and 160 other people behind with a bomb that he didn’t know about.

    Vosen gets killed by a remote controlled, swimming bomb (made in Russia) while he’s taking a dump — and reading Vanity Fair– in his home. Powers that be had to eliminate him after he pressured the Russian government to apprehend Gretkov, Kirill’s rich and prominent boss in Bourne Supremacy. FSB learns about Bourne through Ross’ newspaper article and decides to help him save his sister’s life and take out the all-powerful Ezra Kramer by helping Landy defend herself and build a case against him.

    Near the end, Webb breaks into the top-security building while Kramer is bashing Landy, live on C-SPAN, in front of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and shocks the piss out of everyone with the Blackbriar file in his hand and bleeding wounds on his body.

    Watching the charade in his private Pentagon office, a four-star general picks up a black colored phone and dials a number. George W. Bush’s drunken voice comes alive.

    — Do you know what time it is in Japan, General Petreaus?
    — Sorry to bother you, Mr. President. Our plan has worked flawlessly. The file has been delivered and is about to be read by the asset live on national television.
    — Well done, General. Ready the party.
    — Oh, we’re ready. Tehran will wake up to hell, Sir.
    — God speed, and good luck.

    Or something like that, lol.
    Then it’s Extreme Ways by Moby.

  22. Why not a prequel? “The Bourne Construction” that shows the training, missions, etc. ending with him being shot as he jumps off the boat of his last mission? You could even bring back actors the got wacked in the other three movies.

  23. Being the die hard romantic that I am, I feel that there is more btwn Nikki and David/Jason. The 4th movie could revolve around his previous life and their obvious love affair. OR lack there of. She only said in “Ultimatum” that “it was hard for me……..with you.” But that would be crummy for the other romantics.

  24. OMG! I love the bourne movies. I think matt damon is the sexiest man alive. I agree that the fourth should start out with a flashback of bourne and nicky, happy and in love. Then, he wakes ups, and is on a hunt to find her through out the movie. Pam would try to track him down because the daughter of Neiski(end of second movie) tells them that he came to her and confessed. So it is a big chase. in the end, Nicky and Bourne meet up and continue running from the CIA because Nicky knew something about Treadstone that they didn’t want leaked out.

  25. I would love to see a 4th movie. There are unanswered questions related to why he volunteered for the program as well as his past relationship with nicky parsons.

  26. There should be a fourth Bourne movie. There should not be any why listed other than the fact that the unanswered questions from the third movie. They have been listed by others on this blog. I do agree with not making it a prequel. They need to just go foward from the point of the end of the third movie. They can do flash backs like the have done in the other 3 to lead us along. Some writer in Hollywood, I am sure is salivating at the mouth to write this script and put their name on this series! I know I would be!

  27. I totally agree with Jamie. The flashback, but then they go into nicky parsons. Like Pam tries to find her because she was there at the beginning before Bourne. She was part of the CIA and also, secretly, part of treadstone. Then they find each other and she reminds him of their relationship and how when he applied for the program, he gave up his all his personal possesions, such as the engagement ring for Nicky. Then, they continue to run from Pam as she tries to find Nicky to get her not to remind Bourne of anything, or then he will tell the police about their conspiracy. They could call it after the video game, the Bourne Conspiracy, and how Nicky was part of taking in Bourne and it was all a conspriacy, not an assin program.

  28. Bourne film fan

    I really do hope that they make another Bourne film. They could make another sequel. I imagine it to being about Nicky who gets kidnapped by dirty CIA agents who knows some knowledge that could jeopardize the agency. Then, Bourne would have to race against the clock to find and save Nicky. But then again, its just my imagination.

    I just realized, Matt Damon plays Jason Bourne in the Bourne films and Jennifer Garner plays Sydney Bristow on the former show Alias. They both have CIA operatives who are dirty, both have a plot where the main character looses their memory and kills someone, and both used to work at a corrupted agency. The funny thing is, Matt Damon is best friends with Ben Affleck who is married to Jennifer Garner. Weird huh?

  29. Kino, to answer your doubt, in the movies, they do say why the Treadstone program was created. In Bourne Ultimatum, Noah Vossen is talking to Pamela Landy, telling her that treadstone and blackbriar (treadstone upgrade) where programs to do missions like follow and kill their targets if they have to. With this program, the directors from the CIA wont have to wait for permission from washington to take down the target because it will take long and they may get away.

  30. I loved all three Bourne movies and on some level I’d love to watch another… but I don’t believe there should be a fourth movie. The Jason Bourne of the movie trilogy is not just a badass superagent who can kick anyone’s ass. The things he does, usually, are not out of vengeance but survival and a quest to learn his identity. Nine times out of ten, Bourne doesn’t fight- he runs away, and he does it damn well. He’s a master of hiding and surviving and generally escaping everything his enemies throw at him. Yes, he is really good at combat, but his ability to always escape and survive defines his character. That’s what the movies have been about- survival and learning who he was. In Identity he just worked to find his old memories while trying to avoid being killed by his old bosses. In Supremacy, he *does* try to avenge Maria’s death… but for the most part, he is once again fighting for survival. Most of the scenes he does not demand to know why Maria was killed- he demands to know what they want with him. He just wants to be left alone to retire. So he escapes and he runs and at the end of the movie he learns his real name. In Ultimatum we backtrack through MORE running away and trying to survive and escape the assassins sent after him… all building up to the final climax where he confronts Hirsch and learns the full story of his origins. At the end, Blackbriar is investigated and officially closed down and no one even knows Bourne is alive anymore.

    The point is that the movies were about survival and learning who he was… he’s learned who he was, all of it (even if WE only learned some of it) and he no longer has to worry about surviving, because no one knows he’s alive… and besides, the people who wanted to track him down have all been arrested. There’s nowhere left to go. And he said it himself- there is no more Jason Bourne. With the recovery of his memories, he’s David Webb. There’s no story left to tell about him, and if there was, what would you call it? The Webb Legacy?

  31. I agree with pretty much everyone. Yes I would love to see a fourth movie. But also I wouldn’t want it to ruin the first three. If they did make a fourth, the CIA conspiracy, couldn’t last forever. I would like to see the basic plot line of the first three books made into a movie. Incorperate the Jackall (for those who read them) or something like that. The movies are FAR different from the books and could the books could easily be used. Also I’m not concerened about Webb getting Older. In the third book he is 50 yrs old and everything works. All in all I’m in favor of a fourth movie. As stated before Matt Damon needs to be Bourne, otherwise I just don’t see it working.

  32. They GOTTA make another one man. I loved them too much and lots is still unanswered about the story and David. Matt Damon said he would make another one so I am pretty sure it will happen. It has to be him though otherwise forget it. Matt Damon is PERFECT at acting Jason Bourne/David Webb. With another movie they could fill in all the gaps that still remain to this story.

    4th movie BRING IT ON!!!

  33. The whole time i was wondering something and that is- the life before he got into Treadstone and how/why he became part of it, a possible WEBB family, and also, prior relations with CIA member NICKI. Unanswered questions seek a fourth Bourne, (the beginning), which could be a prequel to the trilogy. The other films were phenomenal with Matt Damon and i believe with any other actors/actresses, this Fourth film could not be pulled off as efficently. Thanks. (keep Bourne alive)

  34. I think a fourth film would be fascinating as a prequel. However, I’m not sure Bourne’s history in the books would really go over well with audiences that only know him from the movies. 😦 The backstory is one of the best parts about the books, though, in my opinion. The creation of Treadstone, his life and family in asia, what drove him to be a killer and so on. Also, it could really get more into whats going on in his head like the first movie did some, whereas the last two movies were far more pure action and little actual drama.

  35. Matt Damon just HAS to play one more bourne movie…wrap it all up…answer the questions about him and Nikki. After that they can go ahead and make more with another actor…but then make it so it’s Jason’s brother or son or something, that way it can be a “Bourne” movie still without throwing everyone off track. I mean, come on…Matt Damon IS Jason Bourne by now. Even when I see him in other movies I think “Jason Bourne”.

  36. come on… jason bourn bails out pamela landy!
    nicky is found and jason saves her!
    they try again to tie up ‘the loose end’!
    all three…
    any clown can pull together a dozen reason for Jason/David Webb to reappear.

  37. Does anyone not realize that Nicky looks exactly like Marie when she cuts & dyes her hair in the Bourne Ultimatum? She also looks a lot like Marie for the rest of the movie. Maybe Marie was set up to be a replacement for Nicky (the original girlfriend) by the government????

  38. i like the movies, but if they make a 4th, the writers need to actually READ the novels & get back on track.
    the main plot after David Webb (aka Jason Bourne) regains some of his memory/past is that he remembers he was orignally assigned to lure out an assassin codenamed Carlos. if you watched IDENTITY carefully you saw on one of his passports the name Micheal Kane.
    Webb’s mission was that he’s an undercover agent posing as an assassin (Kane) to move in on Carlos’ turf in Europe. he wasn’t supposed to kill the guy in the beginning of IDENTITY, just tell him to go into hiding. he then would take credit for the “assassination”. repeating this would eventually piss off Carlos enough to start hunting Kane (Webb) who would then setup a trap to catch Carlos, but he lost his memory & that’s where the movies start from. gotta re-read the novels for details, but i believe Carlos discovers that Kane is actually Webb & start to hunt him & Marie down (btw, Marie never dies in the books)

  39. I’m tired of these movies. They screwed the first one up so bad that the next two movies were redoes of the plot that they missed from the FIRST BOOK. They put all three titles of the three books onto rehashes of subplots of Identity. Its time to bring this to a close. The movies were entertaining for the first two, but the third movie rehashed film and script from the first two movies as well as its annoying camera job. I will not see a fourth.

  40. A 4th movie would be phenominal. Not only could they use total creative license on a 4th movie, seeing as how the 4th and 5th books were not up to par with the first 3, but they could open up the possibilities to use events from the last 10-15 years that happened around the world and twist them into a story involving Bourne and the other characters involved in the movie.
    What they should do is interview and get information from officials and operatives from intelligence agencies, police departments, and other bureaus from around the world to get information on events and individuals that made top media coverage anduse their stories and information as the plot and meat of the script.
    There are plenty of terrorist plots that could be made to fit this particular movie series.
    I just hope that they don’t try so hard to top the first 3 movies that they make it a silly plot for a 4th movie.

  41. I’d like to see a fourth movie as well, and anticipated that it might be a prequel (or use a significant number of flashbacks to be prequellish…

    I also would like to know more about the Nikki-Webb history. One thing that occurred to me was based on elements from the first novel that I’d heard about where Webb joins the covert missions of Treadstone as a result of his child being killed (innocent bystander of a Carlos hit?)… I wondered if there might be a plotline where a child of Parsons/Webb was slain as an innocent bystander of a terrorist act, resulting in the couple splitting (due to mental anguish/trauma and/or Webb (he’s military) being assigned somewhere). The aftermath of which leads both of them back to the CIA black-ops to find some kind of answer for the death of their child…

  42. if they make a 4th movie i’ll be extatic!!!!!!!
    i think nicky and david will reunite in the 4th and if so the movie will be about how they came to know each other.
    i also think that as long as they make anybody else look and sound like bourne/webb we don’t need johny damon

  43. richardinthemoment

    I ran a poll asking will there be another bourne movie: http://www.thisishowyoudoit.com/blog/will-there-be-another-bourne-movie/

    Everybody speculated that there would.

    Even more telling, everyone wants another one. How will they top the Ultimate though? It was so, so good!

  44. I just watched the all three movies again yesterday (for the millionth time) and I am watching the Ultimatum right now. The director said that the only way that there would be a fourth is if the audience had unanswered questions. Well, I for one have a few. And I know that I am not alone. Just because David knows everything now doesn’t mean we do. More than anything I want to know who Nikki is. Although I really don’t care what the fourth movie is about I just want to see it. I love Matt Damon. I love Jason Bourne.

  45. i would love a 4th. even if they dnt use matt damon they can go with that jeffrey donovan from burn notice looks like he can fit the roll. well thats my opinion

  46. I believe there will be a 4th Bourne movie, the big guns in the movie business know they have a good thing going here…the public will have their way and the movie bosses at Universal will be rubbing their hands for the next best plot that could pull it off…Warner Bros wrapped up the Lethal Weapon series really well, why not this one?

    And there is no way in hell, they would have anyone else play the ultimate gone-renegade spy Jason Bourne than Matt Damon. He OWNS that character, plus the movie wont be marketable – just like there could be no other person to play Indiana Jones other than Harrison Ford – I just hope they don’t wait as long as they did like the final installment of Indiana Jones.

    Everyone’s questions & mystery plots can be answered and we can all go home and replay the dvd a hundred times until our hearts are content or until another great character comes along…

    And if they do make the 4th movie, i say Nikki is the daughter of someone high up in the food chain perhaps a General who had prior involvement in the initiation of the Spy program and was tactically put in there to become involved with David/Jason and prepare him to become their first candidate…ooooh…that would be interesting to watch her explain that to Jason…will he forgive her or kill her?

  47. are you that F*cking dumb???? jeffrey donovan as bourne??!!!!!!!!!! please just go stand on a tall box and have someone kick it out from under you dont forget to tighten the noose first
    nobody can replace damon on that role.
    got me busted dumb ass. : /

    i love all you people waiting on the fourth not thinking its going to suck! look at the 1st 3.
    do you really think they wouldnt think of a good idea before making a fourth? the 1st 3 were a complete hit! of course they are going to make the 4th bigger and better

  48. Nope…I wish there should be no any sequel. But instead let director Paul and Damon make an 1 or 2 hour documentary movie where they answer the unanswered questions. They should arrange from the most common questions asked by the audiences or Bourne fans.

  49. Well just how dumb is that? How does Paul & Damon going to answer the unanswered questions? The person who had all the answers is dead.


  50. Please make a 4th movie, as a female it must have Damon, and we need more skin (please take his shirt off at least once)and they need to persue the relationship between bounce and Nicky….at the end of the movie he says, “I remember EVERYTHING” That would mean, everything, even Nicky…also, it’s killing me, when in the water and he starts to swim, does he make it to the surface, he was under water for a long time…they don’t actually show him breaking the surface…

  51. The next Borne could have Landy running a covert ops mission and she enlists Borne to help her because she is being targeted by the agency for exposing them, or whatever. She could bring in Borne to help. The mission could take on the original Borne Nemesis (from the book). Then at the end have the President give Borne a medal and have him be finally forgiven and free. WHo knows…

  52. I think the third movie was a perfect ending to the trilogy. A fourth installment would be beating a dead horse.

  53. Sniki shutup. Guys there is no relation between Nicky and Bourne. Sniki said Nicky asked Bourne if he really didnt remeber anything in terms of his past alone she wasnt asking if he didnt remeber his past with her you idiot.

  54. I So Know What You Mean. I Waited The Whole Movie too See Something, Anything Between Them And Then Nothing?. Which Is Understandable Because Of Maria But STill !
    I Hope They Make Another Movie But Only If The Original cast Come Back, i Want To See The History between Jason And Nikki Cause Theirs Obviously Something And In the Books He Had A Wife And Kids Who Were Supposedly Murdered Im Guessing Maybe Nikki Is His Wife ANd His Kids Were Murdered Thats Why He Became Jason Bourne Maybe He Didnt Want To the Suffer The Pain And She Too Became Involved With The C.I.A To Find Some Type Of Closure, The Last Movie was Amazing But I Didnt Feel Closure With It Because Of The Whoel Nikki/Jason thing So Hopefully They’ll Do A Fourth Movie Showing The Past Or Something,
    Well Have To Wait And See….

  55. wel imho the third movie had a perfect ending. idk why you all want everything, every little detail of his past given in an explicit way. i think the movie gave us enough material to think a little by ourselves and let us imagine the kind of person he was and what happened to him.

  56. Waitingfora4thmovie

    The 3rd Bourne movie left me hanging. What is going to happen to Jason Bourne? Will he ever lead a normal life? These questions are still unanswered as the last movie-goers saw, the other characters thought he was dead while he swam away quite alive. But was he wounded, was he fine, what happens to Jason Bourne? Don’t let him fade into oblivion.

  57. Well now, everyone who wanted a fourth movie will get their wish, everyone who didnt want one, well…there’s always another movie you can dig into.

  58. justiceforjestes

    don’t understand why everyone seems to feel that there had to be a relationship prior to Jason entering the CIA. I mean, honestly, I can’t imagine Nicky having been his GF before he entered and then volunteering to be the agent overseeing him while he had been brainwashed and trained.

    I think the ‘hard’ thing for her was being in a relationship with Jason while he was a killer and seeing what the whole killer scenario/ brainwashing was doing to him even while he’s essentially being a nice guy any other time.

  59. bourne n nicky have a son together without bourne knowing it n the story goes on from there….LOVE MATT DAMON LOVE JASON BOURNE DONT CUT HIM OFF FOR THE 4TH MOVIE

  60. Bourne4 would truly rock with Damon and Stiles being re-united. She wasn’t looking at him in the diner as if she was his long-lost sister, either, and Stiles put the P in POIGNANT in that scene. That would be wicked, for “bourne n nicky” to have a son together without Bourne knowing it and then the movie would roll from there. A straight up kidnap and rescue story, with Pamela Landy somehow aiding Bourne with technical intelligence, would rock. Bourne has had enough sorrow in his life, so has Nicky, so here’s to a happy ending: marriage in Paris, and thus end Bourne’s story where it began.

  61. I love the movies but do love the books alot more and Eric Van Lustbader has done a great job of writing the last 3 books. Plus I think that they could do a movie that is more centered on his life before the first 3 like they talk about in the 4th book how he was married and and two kids and how they were killed and what made him in to the man he is if they can make a million james bond books and moves im sure they can keep up the great work of the Bourne story

  62. The problem with the Niki/Jason relationship theories is that: 1.) In movie #1 Niki was all but oblivious to Jason, absolutely no emotion at all to him or his precense, and 2.) In movie #2 she was terrifyed of Jason, no attempt to deal with him as a long lost lover, friend, or relative.

    No this leads me to beleive that the director or script write threw in the line in the 3rd movie just as a line pulled out of his ass. It’s a cheap move and somewhat contradicts the first two movies unfortunetly. I don’t mind, Stiles is hot. But people have to know they are being manipulated with this plot line, if and when it ever gets expanded on. It’s a cheap gimmick and it just throws of the logic of the first two movies.

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