America Rising

This video has made the rounds on the internet. Awesome. Expect more of this sort of thing between now and November 2.


One response to “America Rising

  1. Many of the arguments in this video are flawed and some parts are outright deceptive.

    Firstly, this video implies that the current administration is to blame for the financial crisis of ’08 and the current budgetary deficit. Anyone with the briefest understanding of the causes of the recent financial crisis will be aware that they are not related to Obama nor his administration. Even utter morons should be aware that the blame for the budgetary deficit lies with Bush and Clinton’s decision to re-distribute the surplus in the early ’00s (which incidentally resonates with ‘spreading the wealth around’). The fact that this video obfuscates the effects of Obama’s and Bush’s roles is deceptive.

    Nonetheless, it is fair to levy allegations that Obama hasn’t responded to the financial crisis effectively, but even then, his response was significantly better than the lack of response that this video appears to espouse. Without the bailouts and Keynesian stimulus spending that this video criticises, the domestic and global economy would be worse off. Had Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan and Citigroup not been bailed out, the financial situation of ‘Joe the plumber’ would undoubtedly be even worse than it is today.

    Furthermore, how can you claim that this administration is restricting freedom when the ‘Patriot’ Act (passed on the back of 9-11-nationalism) by Bush did so much more to damage freedom of communication and freedom from arbitrary arrest?

    As for healthcare, the argument that governmental involvement will increase its cost is unfounded. It’s precisely because health insurers and healthcare providers have a vested interest to increase fees that the cost of American healthcare is so high. Take Britain, Sweden and Canada as examples of countries which all provide nationally subsidized services (in conjunction with expensive private firms for those who can afford it) at a significantly lower cost to the customer and taxpayer. According to studies by the UN and the IMF, the USA has 6th highest GDP per capita yet its average life expectancy is shorter than 37 other countries (including Britain, Sweden and Canada). State healthcare in the USA would help to address this discrepancy. The main reason healthcare is opposed is simply the cost to the taxpayer, yet military spending (interestingly not mentioned in this video) could easily be trimmed. Perhaps the government should be more focussed on methods to save lives than to take them.

    Obama has raised taxes on the rich, but he hasn’t done so for the poor and middle classes (95% of the population). Which of the three sections of the population do you honestly think is better equipped to deal with the inevitable tax increases necessary to reverse the fiscal effect of the irresponsible tax credits implemented by the previous administration?

    Finally, please read Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto before you expose your ignorant misunderstanding of communism and socialism.

    It was not mere coincidence that the financial regulation and stimulus spending after 1933 was followed by decades of American economic growth. These two methods should be (and are being) introduced along with state healthcare to bring America into the 21st century. Unfortunately, the future appears to be less American and more Sino-Indian. Those who choose to support the core premises of this video do nothing but expedite this process.

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