Obama Smacked Down — On a World Stage

Obama’s high-profile play to get the 2016 Olympic Games in Chicago not only failed, it failed spectacularly. The fact that Chicago got booted in the first round of voting suggests an international message to our President of “Get lost, loser.”

Dan McLaughlin fears more was lost here than merely an Olympic host bid.

This is why you don’t publicly stake your prestige on something that’s not (1) hugely important (2) a done deal or (3) ideally, both. All presidents suffer defeats and embarrassments, but you generally don’t walk right into one on an issue of purely local importance to your home city. Obama’s and the nation’s standing in the world can’t help but be chipped away by this; the next time he goes jetting off to a summit or some other international event, people won’t be so quick to assume that he has all figured out in advance how he’s going to get what he wants. That aura, that mystique is a thing of value that the President is supposed to husband carefully for when the nation really needs it.

Obama assured us that if he was elected, he would restore respect for America in the world community. Looks like the exact opposite has happened.

UPDATE: From the (UK) Times Online:  “A stunning humiliation for this President.”


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