The Obama Youth Vote Gets Kicked in the Groin

The unemployment rate among young Americans has exploded to 52.2 percent — a post-WWII high. And there is little likelihood of the picture improving over the next several years.

Al Angrisani, the former assistant Labor Department secretary under President Reagan, doesn’t see a turnaround in the jobs picture for entry-level workers and places the blame squarely on the Obama administration and the construction of its stimulus bill.

“There is no assistance provided for the development of job growth through small businesses, which create 70 percent of the jobs in the country,” Angrisani said in an interview last week. “All those [unemployed young people] should be getting hired by small businesses.”

The delicious irony here, of course, is that it was these same young people who overwhelmingly voted for Obama. Now they are learning a hard lesson in how socialist economics works. And the learning is just beginning. These young Americans will inherit the trillions of dollars in debt that Obama has created. It will likely be a miserable life for these folks.

If the Republicans had any sense, they would build their election strategy in upcoming campaigns around this increasingly disillusioned demographic.


One response to “The Obama Youth Vote Gets Kicked in the Groin

  1. Your post is accurate and well-written, apart from the following facts:

    1. Youth unemployment in the US is 18.5% according to the Department of Labor.

    2. Obama is about as socialist as my cat, at least to any meaningful metric of the term “socialist”.

    3. The trillions in debt are a consequence of Republican policies.

    4. Republicans won’t appeal to the young unless they abandon almost all of their present political platform – their policies won’t appeal because young Americans are overwhelmingly socially liberal, and the attraction of homophobia, closet racism and other social conservatism is minimal.

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