Finding Truth in a Post-Journalistic Age

With the mainstream media becoming increasingly irrelevant,  and the rise of extremely partisan bloggers on the left and right, how can the average citizen find a balanced source of information to determine the truth on critical issues of the day? Ron Radosh looks at the challenges that face the news consumer trying to sort out the facts on a story like the recent ACORN scandal.

Is there any truth to the charges either side makes? If one listens simply to the TV talking heads, no one will know what is true or what is false. You watch the side you already agree with, and take the argument of those who you listen to in order to reinforce the opinion you already have.

Radosh has a point here. With partisans on both sides retreating deeper into enclaves of rigid group-think, the process of debate and compromise — which is the genius of our democratic system — becomes ever more difficult.

Radosh, however, sees a glimmer of hope in a handful of television programs that feature spirited dialogue among representatives with opposing views. As much as we might disagree with those of opposing views, it is important that we take the time to listen to each other.


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