The Battle of Teutoburg Forest: A Movie?

Some time ago I wrote about the battle of Teutoburg Forest, a disastrous loss of several Roman legions in Germania in A.D. 9.

Now a Dutch filmmaker is considering making a movie based on the battle. It’s not a done deal yet, but the concept trailer looks pretty good. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one. (You can read more about the project here — but only if you can read Dutch).

3 responses to “The Battle of Teutoburg Forest: A Movie?

  1. In the trailer,did Augustus speak those famous words”Varrus,give me back my legions”?.Teutoburg was a disaster for Rome.The standard of the legions was captured and the troops massacred to a man.
    Augustus was to issue an advice to his successors that the natural boundaries of the empire was never to be extended.An advice discarded by Trajan(optimus princeps)he conquered Dacia and Parthia.Septimius Severus also seized Mesopotamia.Not everything failed in the Teutoburg affair.Germanicus was to recover the standards for Rome.He was poisoned by Tiberius.

  2. The tale of the Teuterberg Forest battle is one of my favorites, certainly not lacking for striking characters and historical impact, and yet it is very little known. A movie, if accurate, would be wonderful. Arminius played on Varus’ arrogance with skill and cunning. Varus was too over-confident to listen to his own generals, many of whom said Arminius was not to be trusted. Frankly, Arminius is one of the greatest unknown men in history and it is time for him to grace the big screen

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