Obamacare Examined

Last week President Obama tried to assuage critics’ fears of public run health care by drawing a comparison between the US Postal Service and UPS and FedEx. He explained, “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.” Ah, so we can relax now. Public health care will be no more efficient or competitive than the Postal Service. That’s reassuring, huh?

Caroline Baum takes a closer look at this and other statements Obama has made, and finds  a disturbing lack of understanding of the most basic free market principles. Baum concludes:

The proliferation of Obama’s gaffes and non sequiturs on health care has exceeded the allowable limit. He has failed repeatedly to explain how the government will provide more (health care) for less (money). He has failed to explain why increased demand for medical services without a concomitant increase in supply won’t lead to rationing by government bureaucrats as opposed to the market. And he has failed to explain why a Medicare-like model is desirable when Medicare itself is going broke.

The public is left with one of two unsettling conclusions: Either the president doesn’t understand the health-insurance reform plans working their way through Congress, or he understands both the plans and the implications and is being untruthful about the impact.


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