Looking for Work? Be a Kid!

Tomorrow will mark the fourth week of searching for a new job after my lay-off. No luck so far.

But in my online prowling I ran across this article that offers good advice on how to maintain the right perspective when looking for a job: Learn to be a kid again.

Kids believe in the best. Adults expect the worst so they won’t be disappointed.

As a mother of a toddler son, I watch a lot of kid’s shows. What strikes me about these shows is the positive messages that come across; messages of hope and encouragement.

Why is it that as adults we lose hope when it comes to our careers? Did career setbacks or the economy make negativity more prevalent than being positive?

Remember back to a time in your life when you believed that anything was possible? A time when you looked forward to the day and all you could do and learn. What happened to that belief? What happened to that person? Do you want that person back?

Frequently when things go bad, we blame it on other people or their childish ways. But in some ways, being childish is not such a bad trait. A lot of things that kids do can be applied to your career.

The author suggests five “childish perspectives” that job-seekers should adopt in order to improve their chances:

  1. I will try, try again.
  2. I know it all works out.
  3. I will ask for help.
  4. I will have a good attitude.
  5. I’m growing and learning.

Read the whole article for the details on each of these perspectives. Great advice!


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