Oh, No! Michael Jackson is Dead!

Michael who??

As I got into the car yesterday leaving work, the AM station I listen to was breaking into normal broadcasting with a news bulletin:  “This is an ABC Special Report” the announcer declared solemly, with that gripping intro music playing. Uh, oh, I thought. What’s happened? Has the President been shot? Did North Korea just fire a nuke into Hawaii? Has the government of Iran collapsed?

None of the above. Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital.

For the next thirty minutes the broadcast was taken over by several news correspondants covering every angle of the story: Michael’s career, Michael’s music, Michael’s health, Michael’s legal problems, ad nauseum.

Gimme a break. If media big shots really want to figure out why our culture is so debased, they can start by examining their own reporting. When this weirdo gets more coverage than the far more important issues facing this country, the media have lost their bearings.


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