The Best is Yet to Come?

Michael Malone polishes his crystal ball and peers beyond the end of this economic downturn, to find out what the next “big ideas” will be in high tech. He likes what he sees.

For me, what is most exciting is the knowledge that, between e-Books, smart phones, cheaper and more ubiquitous data centers, and even greater access to the world’s information stores, it will soon be possible for even the poorest people in the world to join in the global marketplace, obtain any level of education they desire, and have access to the investment capital they need to realize their dreams.

Put all of those things together and, as dire as matters seem right now, we may well be on the brink of the greatest explosion in intellectual capital – new ideas, new inventions, new lifestyles, new institutions, new discoveries, new products and services – than the world has ever seen.

All we need to do is get out of our current doldrums and get back into the fight.


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