The Tea Party Movement

You won’t read much about it in the media, but over the last couple of weeks a seismic rumbling has been felt across the country. Triggered largely by Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC a couple of weeks ago, citizens in dozens of cities and towns have gathered in small impromptu rallies to protest the out-of-control government spending that threatens our way of life.

Santelli is planning a major nationwide tea party on July 4th. The details are being tracked here.

There are several websites that describe the extent of this grassroots movement.

The Christian Science Monitor had a good write-up on the movement, with details of a rally in Atlanta. (Side note: This story recounts the best placard I’ve seen coming out of these protests: “Pillage and plunder: At least the Vikings did it openly”).

Blogger Clarendon ponders the long-term impact of this fledgling movement:

I wonder, what are we expecting to achieve from these protests? Are we content to merely register our disapproval, or are we seeking to change what Congress and our president have done? If it is the former, I’m sure the politicians will note our objection, and wait for us to quiet down. If it is the latter, I fear our current protests are too scatter-shot to do any real good.

I suspect this July 4th will answer his question.


One response to “The Tea Party Movement

  1. I am hoping that the citizens of the Port St. Lucie, Fl. have a Tea Party. So happy that the American Spirit has finally woke up.

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