Global Warming Smoking Gun

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) recently released a report stating that October was the hottest month on record. With all the local news stories of record cold spells and snowfalls during that month, several AGW skeptics smelled something fishy and investigated the data behind the report. They discovered that the GISS data included temps from some locations that were rolled forward from September, not October. So naturally, the October data appeared to be much higher. NASA finally admitted its error and revised the numbers.

I get so tired of hearing journalists blather on about the overwhelming consensus of scientists agreeing on the global warming threat, when it’s obvious from stories like this that the “science” is riddled with politically motivated bias. Sooner or later, science will recover from its current dabbling in political advocacy and return to its higher calling, but in the meantime I fear that humanity will pay a dear price for the experiment.


One response to “Global Warming Smoking Gun

  1. I’d like to think that you’re right, and that scientists will start being scientists again, but the recent election here, which I think is part of an international realignment toward “altruistic activism” in government (see “Liberal Fascism”) suggests otherwise. It’s times like this when my faith gives me the most hope.

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