How Did It Come to This?

Six months ago, conservatives were rooting for Obama to win the Democratic primary, because he would be much easier to defeat in the general election than Hillary. But now the unthinkable has happened: Obama has beaten his Republican opponent, and will be the next President of the United States.

President Barack Obama.

How did it come to this? How could a candidate so empty and so far to the left of mainstream America fool the majority of the electorate into handing over the reins of power to him?

Conservative pundits will trot out a long list of co-conspirators to explain this loss. It was the media, openly and shamelessly shilling for the liberal candidate. It was the corrupt Democratic Congress who set up the financial markets to fail, then pinned the blame on the Republicans. It was the crooked Obama campaign machine itself, well-versed in the dirty tricks of Chicago politics, that evaded the rules and stole the election.

All quite true. But all completely missing the bigger lesson here.

Obama did not stage a coup and seize power. Whatever role the media, Congress, and his campaign machine may have played in tipping this election, the harsh truth is that Obama persuaded tens of millions of Americans that he was the best man for the job, that his policies really are what this country needs for the next four years, or longer.

The real story here is the changing character of the American people. Rush and Hannity frequently talk about the indominatable American spirit, the unquenchable desire for freedom and personal independence that inspires our people. But that lofty rhetoric no longer describes the majority of Americans. Instead, this election demonstrates that we have become a nation of underachievers, a motley collection of whiners, victims, and slobs who expect The Government to provide all our basic needs. We have taken John Kennedy’s noble challenge and turned it upside down, demanding that our country do for us what we choose not to do for ourselves.

Obama won because the majority of Americans agree with his vision for America. He promised to “spread the wealth around,” and instead of reacting with shock and outrage, Americans responded with, “where does the line start?” He expressed open disdain for the bitter rubes who cling to their guns and religion, knowing that the majority of Americans no longer cling to either. Instead, we cling to a nanny state that promises to punish a wealthy few on behalf of the huddling masses. That a majority of Americans would embrace such a message speaks volumes about America, not the candidate.

What kind of mark will an Obama Presidency make on America? I don’t know. But I am not half as concerned about what Obama will do to this country as I am in what tens of millions of my fellow Americans will do to it. No empire in history has ever surived its own moral implosion. And we are witnessing the beginning of our own national implosion.


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