The Collapse of the Global Warming Scare

Evidence continues to mount that the fears raised by the global warming alarmists are bogus. It’s only a matter of time before the whole sorry mess is quietly forgotten.

Global warm mongers are rapidly losing credibility. Mainstream journalists will still believe them because climate change fits the narrative they’ve so carefully nurtured. But eventually the error will have to admitted. It won’t happen publicly, though, because by the time they come to their senses, the issue will have been long forgotten by the public.


One response to “The Collapse of the Global Warming Scare

  1. What will also be forgotten, most unfortunately, is the economy-crippling remedies we were told MUST be enacted IMMEDIATELY without question, the rabid response by warm-mongers to any descent from orthodoxy, and the “holocaust-denier” penalties they demanded for those dissidents. I’m sure you’re familiar with Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. The Left simply can’t stand the idea of people in charge of their own lives.

    Great blog! Thanks for being here!! I’m a regular reader, though a rare commenter. Keep it up!

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