Barney’s Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do

Sam Dealey, US News & World Report, on Rep. Barney Frank’s ridiculous charge that racism is driving Republican criticism of Democratic involvement in the housing crisis:

Fannie-Freddie criticism is hardly the special provenance of Republicans. Feckless lawmakers of both parties have a lot to answer for in failing to rein in the siblings. But chief among those lawmakers is Barney Frank, who kicked hardest against prescient reform efforts and pushed hardest in expanding Fannie and Freddie’s risk-taking. (See here for more.)

But, suddenly, to criticize his poor judgment amounts to racism?

Frank’s argument is as tacky as it gets, and it’s yet another measure of what a political buffoon he is. But if Frank insists on finding a racist angle to the catastrophe, he might reflect that it was his own actions that drove poor, black homeowners to financial ruin. And it is the lawmaker’s critics who now vow not to let it happen again.


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