The Fate of the Daily Newspaper

It’s no secret that daily newspapers across the country are facing horrendous losses, both in revenues and in circulation figures. Jonathan Yardley, himself a lifelong newspaper man, takes a look at how newspapers will have to reinvent themselves in order to stay viable — smaller, but meatier.

We may already be moving toward the daily magazine model even as we struggle to find the most workable and economically viable relationship between our print and Internet editions.

Of course, no amount of jiggering the format can overcome the effects of content that insults the readers.


One response to “The Fate of the Daily Newspaper

  1. It’s staggering to think that the last thing that would occur to newspaper publishers is that content is the reason for declining sales. They really believe that liberalism is the default/only acceptable position.

    The Portland Press Herald in Maine is in serious danger of closing. Recently, a co-worker of mine was interviewed for a national evening news program about this. Before the camera started rolling, her conversation with the reporter went something like this:

    Reporter: “If you didn’t have the Press Herald, what would you do?”

    Co-worker: “Read the New York Times?”

    R: Confidentially, “Yeah, me too.”

    C: “But that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, right?”

    R: “Not really…”

    And they wonder why we don’t trust their objectivity…

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