The Roots of the Financial Crisis

Obama blames the evil Republicans — natch — for the financial crisis that is shaking Wall Street to its core.

It makes a handy campaign talking point, but it ignores the larger historical context:

It was the Clinton administration, obsessed with multiculturalism, that dictated where mortgage lenders could lend, and originally helped create the market for the high-risk subprime loans now infecting like a retrovirus the balance sheets of many of Wall Street’s most revered institutions.

Tough new regulations forced lenders into high-risk areas where they had no choice but to lower lending standards to make the loans that sound business practices had previously guarded against making. It was either that or face stiff government penalties.

The untold story in this whole national crisis is that President Clinton put on steroids the Community Redevelopment Act, a well-intended Carter-era law designed to encourage minority homeownership. And in so doing, he helped create the market for the risky subprime loans that he and Democrats now decry as not only greedy but “predatory.”

Yes, the market was fueled by greed and overleveraging in the secondary market for subprimes, vis-a-vis mortgaged-backed securities traded on Wall Street. But the seed was planted in the ’90s by Clinton and his social engineers. They were the political catalyst behind this slow-motion financial train wreck.

And what is Obama’s solution to the problem? Why, more government manipulation, of course.

UPDATE: And who put Clinton in office? The voting public, that’s who:

The American people . . . want the impossible: home ownership for those who cannot afford homes, credit for those who are not creditworthy, old-age pensions for those who have not saved, health care for those who make no attempt to keep themselves healthy, and college educations for those who lack the wit to finish high school. Moreover, they want it now, and they want somebody else to pay for it.

If you think that Fannie and Freddie’s bust is a big deal, just wait until Medicare comes crashing down. Then, the wailing and gnashing of teeth will be truly unbearable. As that day rapidly approaches, however, you’ll notice that the politicians are doing utterly nothing to forestall it.


3 responses to “The Roots of the Financial Crisis

  1. Stupid Clinton, forcing the hand of banks to lend money to lazy brown people who don’t want to pay their bills.

  2. Nice spin, but not entirely based on fact.
    You stated, “Tough new regulations forced lenders into high-risk areas where they had no choice but to lower lending standards …”
    One thing not mentioned is the fact that no bank or other lending institution is forced to lend to anyone. Period. End of story. Not giving an unqualified applicant a load according to your institutions legal standards is entirely up to the institution. No forced hands. Just greed all around. Nice try, though.

  3. Don’t bother trying to make an argument. This is no different than when white wives of slave owners had black children, it was somehow always “rape”. When things go bad, conservatives always look for a way to blame minorities.

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