XML vs. HTML 5.0

Scott Loginbill has an interesting piece on the (ever-so-slowly) emerging HTML 5.0 standard. If its more prominent features become standard across the major browser platforms, it will revolutionize the web.

I was especially intrigued by this perspective from Mozilla engineering VP Mike Shaver regarding the impact of HTML 5.0 on XML, a markup language that has taken the information world by storm in recent years.

Shaver says the HTML 5 movement was born out of impatience. Many sensed activity around web standards was stagnating as the W3C started directing its attention away from HTML and to another emerging technology, XML.

“A lot of new architectures — XML based work — were designed to replace HTML in the web,” says Shaver. “We were really not convinced that was the way it should go forward. We don’t think people should be throwing (web technology) away to get (the web) to go forward.”

If HTML 5.0 really does take off, this could set up a showdown between the two markup languages.


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