Dems and the Flag

Or rather 12,000 flags. That’s how many flags were reportedly discarded by the DNC following their convention last week. They were headed for a landfill, before an Invesco Field worker spotted them and retrieved them.  McCain and Palin are in Colorado Springs today on a campaign stop, and may use the flags tossed by the Dems.

If this story holds up, there are two obvious conclusions that can be noted:

First, whatever the Democrats say about patriotism, it’s obvious that in their private moments, they have little regard for it.

Second, all their condescending talk about doing their part to save the planet by conducting a “green” convention was just that — talk to flatter the masses. When they think no one is looking, they can be just as wasteful as any Republican.

Tossing the flag in the trash. What incredibly poor taste.


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