Warning to Democrats

Dismiss Sarah Palin as a lightweight, and you will regret it.


8 responses to “Warning to Democrats

  1. palin is just like bush. not really up for the job and sees the world through rose colored glasses. we need strong, tough leadership ready face the legacy and destruction the bush presidency has given us.

  2. and you think that Obama is ready…..ha dude!

  3. If there’s anyone regretting the Palin pick right now, it’s the McCain campaign. Just watch as her star burns out & she’s exposed as the Bush with lipstick that she really is!!!

  4. Jim, exactly how is Palin like Bush?

  5. democrats have done nothing in the senate…how will being in the white house change that? obama’s wife is the real leader in that family and she is just full of hate for america and whites. get a clue, democrats! I still have not heard the solution to our problems from obama, just what are problems are. no solutions.

  6. In response to Jim, an obvious Dumbomocrat. It amuses me that the Dumbocrats keep talking about Sarah Palin’s lack of experience. Hello, have you forgotten that your candidate of President has far less experience. He has spent more time since he’s been in Congress running for President than he has doing his job. He hasn’t mastered being a senator yet. What makes you think he has the experience or is ready to be President?

  7. and obama has foreign policy experience? obama has a puppet-master..wonder who is really the candidate for the dems?? biden is senile….debates will be fun!!

  8. Nancy, and Mc Same is not senile? Palin is nothing more then something new and different. Right now everyone likes what they hear from her. I pray to God every night that one day soon the American people will wake-up smell the wilted roses and vote for the change we need.

    If not, I can look forward to gathering with my children and grandchildren, explaining to them why we can’t afford the gas to put into the car, we’ll try and stay as warm as we can because the fuel prices to heat the house are out of reach. I pray none of the kids get sick because we can’t afford the medical insurance, (Today) and why Grandpa can’t retire because he lost his 401 k in 2008. Yea, we’ll watch Vice President Palin address the Union, explaining how wonderful life is for everyone. (No I didn’t make a mistake I meant “Vice President”) The President will be in bed it’ll be past his bedtime. For an added bonus the beautiful, tan, lipstick wearing pit bull Vice President, can explain

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