Sarah Barracuda

Take a few minutes to check out I especially love the t-shirt designs.

Also note the YouTube clip of Gretchen Wilson’s song “Barracuda.” Gretchen is scheduled to perform in a special concert Wednesday night at the RNC (which may get cancelled by the hurricane). It would be great to have the Dems’ appeal to the youth vote get upstaged by this performance. If nothing else, this proves that the Republican Party is not just a bunch of stodgy old white guys.

UPDATE: The song was indeed played on the final night of the Convention (see video below). Okay, I’ve revealed my ignorance of rock music history. The song was originally performed in the 70’s by the rock band Heart, with sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. The Wilson sisters are upset that the song was used by the RNC; but their views do not necessarily represent the feelings of their former band members.


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