“Let the Media Do the Dirty Work”

So says lefty columnist Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times about how the Obama campaign should react to the Palin pick. Brown said more than he intended with this remark, according to Lexington Green:

The news media is Obama’s ally, it is partisan, it is in effect an arm of the Democratic Party, engaged in this election on behalf of Sen. Obama. This goes far beyond “liberal bias”, which is also obvious to anyone paying attention. The mainstream media are Obama’s protectors and cheering section. . . .

The news media is not interested in reporting news about Gov. Palin, or being fair or objective. It is interested in “…belittling her credentials”, it is interested in doing “the dirty work” on behalf of Sen. Obama, to help him win.

Of course, the media has competition now, so signing on to “do Obama’s dirty work” may end up hurting them more than Palin.


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