The Best Hurricane Escape Plan?

Ask Big Oil,” says Scott Mayerowitz of ABC News. He points to the oil companies’ deep pockets, fleets of helicopters, and years of experience dealing with hurricane evacuations in the Gulf of Mexico. The closing interview with an oil company engineer, James Kovacs, however, hints of another reason:

Many times over those years he was evacuated off rigs and platforms. The process, he said, “was pretty routine.”

“They’ve never left anybody out there. Everybody’s always been off when a hurricane hits,” Kovacs said. “The oil business is very on top things.”

So what if the government was responsible to evacuate the rigs?

“We’d still be out there,” Kovacs said. “They’d have the TSA [Transportation Security Administration] guys out there inspecting our bags.”

Private enterprises learn to be efficient, or they go broke. Governments have the luxury of ignoring that principle, so efficiency is the exception, rather than the rule.


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