Edwards, Obama, and The Perils of Narcissism

The downfall of John Edwards, due to his own self-confessed “egocentric and narcissistic” character, exposes some troubling questions for the Obama campaign — not relating to any marital fidelity, but to the underlying motivation behind his candidacy. Michael Medved notes the disturbing parallels:

With both candidates, there’s a lingering suspicion on the part of many voters that we’re really dealing with empty suits — appealing packages, full of sound and fury, signifying….nothing.

There’s also the sense that these are two guys who love to gaze longingly in the mirror, who are a bit too full of themselves, too cock-sure and glib and arrogant for their own good. . . .

In the deepest sense, the Edwards explosion will hurt Obama because it reminds us of the core similarity of two charming, media-genic guys who believe that despite their lack of meaningful experience they are the only ones who can rescue the United States and represent “the change we’ve been waiting for.”

One of Medved’s readers adds this comment:

[Edwards] reminds voters that Democrats keep sending boys to do a man’s job. Edwards adds another layer of tarnish to the Democrat brand.


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