Edwards’ Confession Reveals More Than Intended?

No doubt you have heard by now of John Edwards’ confession about his affair with a younger woman two years ago. There are still some unanswered questions about this whole matter (such as, if the affair was dealt with two years ago, why was he caught in the same hotel with this woman just last month?). Whatever.

But buried in the details of his statement today was this revealing comment:

In the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic.

Egocentric and narcissistic? A lot of people have had that opinion of John Edwards for years — there was certainly plenty of evidence — but their concerns were brushed aside as irrelevant and not representative of the real measure of the man. It turns out they were right all along.

This just reinforces the age-old lesson our grandmothers taught us long ago: humility can’t be faked. And most honest people can spot a phony.


2 responses to “Edwards’ Confession Reveals More Than Intended?

  1. I really wonder how liberals are going to try and spin this one.

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