X-Files Redux

We saw the new X-Files movie this evening. Here are my initial impressions.

It’s definitely an X-file, though with a much darker edge. There are no alien conspiracies in this one (although I did catch a glimpse in one scene of what appeared to be the shadow of an alien through a curtain — totally inconsequential to the plot). The plot instead descends into a maelstrom of human depravity that will leave some viewers squirming in their seats. This is definitely not one of the more light-hearted episodes of the series.

I was especially intrigued by the changes in the primary characters. Mulder and Scully have definitely aged, and the years have not been kind to them. We’re given hints of bitter disappointments in their recent past that have drastically altered the careers of both. They are individually struggling to rebuild their lives, and that search, as always, brings them back together again. But the playful sparring that once characterized their relationship is gone, replaced by a sad, desperate search for purpose. Only at the very end are we given a glimmer of hope that their efforts at personal redemption might be paying off.

A couple of Easter egg notices: During a scene where Mulder is fumbling with his cell phone directory while driving a car, look carefully at the names on the phone. I thought I caught a glimpse of the name “Gillian”. In another scene, as the camera follows Scully through a hospital hall, there is a gentleman seated on a bench to the left of the screen that looks remarkably like Chris Carter, the director and producer.

Finally, be sure to stay through the credits to the end. There is a brief vignette that is sure to raise a lot of questions about the future of our resolute heroes — the first question being, will there be a third movie?


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