Reality Catches Up with Dems

For years the Democrats have gladly carried the water for environmentalists who had all kinds of plans for saving the planet using federal money and regulations. But $4 gasoline is changing the picture. Now all those enviro-wacky schemes are viewed by voters as exacerbating the problem, with little in return.

The environmental movement is facing a critical moment. Democrats who support the greenies in their most ambitious goals, and scariest pseudo-scientific rhetoric, suddenly seem woefully out of touch with American voters.

They are trying to hold the line for now, but with a major election looming, sooner or later Democrats have got to change their tune, or face a reckoning.

Democrats, after a long holiday from reality occasioned by cheap oil, are beginning to understand that either they have to take up the challenge of meeting America’s need for oil, or voters will find someone who will.


One response to “Reality Catches Up with Dems

  1. Sell a viable electric car that can have the same power and range of my current gas power car and I will buy it. nuff said!

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