Advice for McCain

Obama is an easy target, but according to John Dickerson, writing in Slate, John McCain is not doing a very good job of scoring hits. McCain’s attacks seem disjointed and indiscriminate, not guided by a strategic vision.

More seriously, McCain is not doing a good job of defining who he is and why Americans should vote for him. According to Dickerson,

It’s harder to know what McCain stands for. He’s for the surge and remedying global warming, yes, and for allowing states to drill for oil off the country’s coastlines. But those are data points, not an arc. The criticism I hear from inside and outside the campaign is that McCain lacks a line that tells people where he’s going to take them if he’s president.

McCain is already at an extreme disadvantage, with the media openly cheering for his opponent. He needs to get his act together and build a cohesive message that will resonate with voters, if he hopes to have a chance in the fall.


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