Obamamania World Tour 2008

In commemmoration of Obama’s current globe-trotting excursion, with his adoring media anchors in tow, Michelle Malkin has commissioned her readers to submit possible T-shirt designs. Check out the hilarious results here.

Here’s my favorite:


5 responses to “Obamamania World Tour 2008

  1. Did anyone ever think that that the media covers Obama because he is touting a different kind of politics? He has mobilied masses of young people, which even the youth-revered MTV couldn’t do with it’s Rock the Vote campaign. He is also possibly the first African-American to hold office which some might say is, you know, kind of historic and newsworthy. Finally, his policies are vastly different from what we have lived with the past eight years, thus offering the news media fresh angles and narratives.

  2. It should scare you that the media has decided who should be President. They have launched a massive propaganda campaign to see that their choice is elected President. They have ignored major stories that would hurt Obama and lambasted the Republicans whenever possible using rumors and unnamed sources . In the past they would at least try and show that they were unbaised. Obamas trip to Iraq with three media elete on his plane, while McCains trip to Iraq is virtually ignored during an election campaign should convince anyone of their bias. It is up to the American people to elect the President not the media. These people cannot get a news story right, and yet we want them to tell us how we should vote and who our President should be? Regardless of your political position it is inconceivable that we would allow this to continue unchecked.

  3. Yes, fresh in the form of defeatist, economy destroying, and enslavement mentality. Yeah, that’s refreshing.

    America was founded on the “can do” spirit. But all the Democrats offer is “can’t”. We can’t win in Iraq”; “We can’t drill our way out of this”; “We can’t keep our thermostats on 72…”

  4. Hey Erin–well, you sure got the “lied” part in “mobilied” right! Glad to see you realize the extent of the farce.

  5. i like the one with that woman er, feminazi know it all katie couric flicking off the conservatives.

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