Where Are the Fathers?

No doubt you have heard by now of the reported pact made by 17 high school girls in Gloucester, MA, to get pregnant. The story apparently got twisted somewhat in the telling (it was a pact to support each other, made after the fact). Whatever the details, it became a national headline.

Kathleen Parker asks the key question in this story: Where are the fathers? No, not the young studs who proved their manhood by deflowering the fair maidens. Rather, where were the fathers of the girls?

It is a fair guess, though not possible to confirm at this point, that at least some of Gloucester’s pregnant daughters are from fatherless homes.

That guess is founded on sound social science indicating a strong correlation between father absence and a high risk for early sex and unwed pregnancy. Not only do fathers provide the masculine affection so many girls seek elsewhere, but they teach their daughters how to handle male sexual aggression, as well as to understand their own role in stimulating that aggression.

Contrary to the claims of feminists, fathers play a crucial role in the healthy emotional development of their daughters. So why isn’t our society doing more to encourage fathers, rather than denigrate them?


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