Moderation in Academia?

Sick of the leftist, politically-correct nonsense that infests so much of higher education these days? Just wait a few years — the current crop of Marxist baby-boomer professors is gradually being replaced by younger, more moderate colleagues.

Baby boomers, hired in large numbers during a huge expansion in higher education that continued into the ’70s, are being replaced by younger professors who many of the nearly 50 academics interviewed by The New York Times believe are different from their predecessors — less ideologically polarized and more politically moderate.

If great historical epochs help shape a generation’s political and cultural outlook (think the Great Depression, WWII, Vietnam, Watergate, etc.), then ponder the effect of the Reagan revolution and the fall of Communism on the generation that came of age during that time — and are now rising up through the ranks of academia.


One response to “Moderation in Academia?

  1. Hey David,

    It’s been a while. Imagine my surprise when my forays into Twitter led me to this blog.

    Couldn’t help but notice your emphasis on Global Warming. Have you ever read Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear”. If not, you might find it very intriguing.


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