Congrats, Bro. Rush

Tom Blumer notes the irony in two recent news stories: Rush Limbaugh just inked a deal to extend his radio program contract another eight years, for a cool $400M; while the newspapers who reported the deal are rapidly going down the toilet. “Old Media covering the Limbaugh story is like zombies covering the living.”

It’s the free market at work, reinforced by the First Amendment. Which is why the libs in Congress are ginning up to reimpose the Fairness Doctrine. If the news-consuming public is too stupid to know what they should listen to, the government will control the dial.

UPDATE:  The New York Times just published a very thorough — and surprisingly well-balanced — piece on Rush by Zev Chafets, who did his homework well, including a long interview with Rush, and dinner at a nice Miami restaurant. Writes Zev:

Dinner was winding down, and I called for the check. It tickled Limbaugh to be taken out to eat on The New York Times.

This is a must-read for everything you want to know about Rush.


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