“Global Warming as Mass Neurosis”

Bret Stephens, WSJ:

If even slight global cooling remains evidence of global warming, what isn’t evidence of global warming? What we have here is a nonfalsifiable hypothesis, logically indistinguishable from claims for the existence of God. This doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist, or that global warming isn’t happening. It does mean it isn’t science.

And with gas above $4, more and more people are recognizing the fallacious logic for what it is.


5 responses to ““Global Warming as Mass Neurosis”

  1. From one Stephens to another.

    Just how stupid is Joe public?

    They got conned into Iraq and now this.

    I ask people to read the Global Green Agenda found on my blog under Agenda 21.

    The last thing people need to fear is global warming.

    I hope your readers take the opportunity to educate themselves by reading Agenda 21.

    Mussolini had his black shirts

    Hitler had his brown shirts

    Now we must fight against the green shirts-courtesy of the UN. They are just as, if not more dangerous.

    Never forget, they want an 80% reduction in the earths population.

    They also intend to crush the economies of the industrialized west.

    High fuel and food costs are part of the plan.

    Your industries,those that are left, will be demanding major wage cuts or they will simply pick up and move to China or India.

    Again, all part of the plan.

    Domination by a handful of psychopaths.


    Ron Stephens

  2. Declining stocks of natural resources, the north pole ice declining, ongoing deforestation… these things are fact, not speculation.

    Global warming I conceed, may be just that, speculation, indeed we may even be heading for an ice age…

    The truth is though that for socio-political reasons we need to get a handle on controlling our environment and whining about the price of petrol is going to help anyone.

    Wow, $4 a gallon… you know in the UK it’s over £4 a gallon, nearly twice what you pay for it.

  3. nearlynormalized

    Come watch the fires, come feel the heat, watch the Artic melt, and we will watch you mind fry.

  4. I agree. Global Warming is not real, the planet just is and whatever happens is happening because it has too, not because we are accelerating the process or whatever.

  5. There was another time of “global warming” which indeed did a lot of damage. But it wasn’t caused by industrial smoke. It was between 800 A.D. (anno domini, in case you’ve all forgotten) and 1400 A. D. Five hundred years! It was characterized by super-hot temperatures which dried up crops and rivers. People died of starvation. So, please don’t try to make me believe in your global warming.

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