Does Funding Taint Objectivity?

The first line of defense by global warming alarmists against skeptics is that the skeptics are funded by Big Oil; therefore, the skeptics’ testimony is tainted by special interests, and should be dismissed outright.

Of course, many skeptics have never taken a dime of oil money. Their opinions are truly their own, forged in the crucible of honest scientific endeavor. They have a right to be heard.

Furthermore, this sword cuts both ways. Brian Sussman takes a look at some of the funding sources behind NASA scientist James Hanson’s rabid global warming campaign. Despite his efforts to portray himself as an impartial government scientist just doing his job, Hanson allegedly has some funding connections that, at best, call into question his motivation. Hanson denies any undue influence, of course.

There is no doubt that money can sway opinion — either on the right or the left.


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