Remind Me Again . . . Who’s For the Little Guy?

Victor Davis Hanson ponders the liberals’ claim of fighting for the little guy, when their environmental policies are driving millions of little guys deeper into poverty.

What these elites don’t seem to realize is that the energy policies they tend to advocate are for the present paralyzing almost everyone else in the country — and that the truly ethical and environmental solution would require embracing positions long considered anathema to traditional liberalism. . . .

Most environmentalists think of themselves as egalitarians. So, instead of objecting to the view of a derrick from the California hills above the Santa Barbara coast, shouldn’t a liberal estate owner instead console himself that the offshore pumping will help a nearby farm worker or carpenter get to work without going broke?

But it’s not about helping the farm worker or the carpenter. It never has been. Radical environmentalism is the new communism, a vehicle for gaining control of the economy in the interest of promoting a mythical “greater good.” Like the old communism, this new version will end up destroying freedom and ruining the lives of millions. In fact, the process is already underway.


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