Hot or Cold . . . Take Your Pick

To global warming alarmists who live on the East Coast, of course, the current heat wave they are experiencing is proof-positive that global warming is a real threat.

This heat wave serves as a reminder of what we have to look forward to as the “new normal” if we don’t do something about climate change — fast.

Oh, really? Then what conclusion should the poor folks on the West Coast, who are shivering through snow storms and record cold temperatures, take away from their current predicament — that global warming can’t come fast enough?

The hypocrisy of global warming alarmists knows no shame. They preach to rest of us that we should never draw conclusions based on short-term weather patterns (especially when we point to weather anomalies like the West Coast cold snap), while they reserve the right to link every little heat wave directly to global warming.

Frankly, this self-serving double-talk is becoming almost comical. And as bouts of cooler-than-average weather continue to crop up across the planet, I suspect most people are coming to that same conclusion.


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