Hillary’s Out of Her League

Meir. Thatcher. Gandhi. Clinton.  Quick . . . Pick the name that does not belong on this list.

Peggy Noonan reviews the careers of the first three women on this list (all powerful–and successful–heads of state in their respective countries: Israel, Britain, India), and concludes that Hillary does not deserve to be in the same league with them.

Like Clinton, all three of these women played politics in a man’s world. But rather than whine about sexism and misogyny, these women took on the men at their own game, and won.

As for this week’s Clinton complaints, I imagine Mrs. Thatcher would bop her on the head with her purse. Mrs. Gandhi would say “That is no way to play it.” Mrs. Meir? “They said I was the only woman in the cabinet and the only one with — well, you know. I loved it.”


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