Media Bias: Oh, Really?

Bill Clinton has learned a valuable lesson in this presidential primary campaign: The news media is biased. Introducing his wife at a rally in Lexington, Kentucky, he laid a pretty serious charge at the media’s feet:

By their own admission, this has been the most slanted press coverage in American history.

I’ll give him a pass on the “most in history’ part, but the fact that he admits even the possibility that the media can be flagrantly biased in their coverage, and that such bias can directly impact the outcome of an election, is itself newsworthy. How does it feel, Bill, to be on the receiving end for a change? Get used to it — Republicans have been feeling that way for decades.

So, Bill, what do you think we should do about this problem? Do we enact legislation that puts the media under the scrutiny of government bureaucrats? Yeah, let the government call the shots — that will remove all bias for sure, huh? Or maybe we should call for a Congressional investigation into media bias. You know, have several hundred of our elected leaders — almost half of whom are themselves running for President at any given time — conduct fair and impartial hearings on the matter. That would be a zoo.

It’s called “a free press,” Bill. Guaranteed by the Constitution. By its very nature, the press is supposed to be biased. Short of libel or slander, organs of information can say pretty much any outrageous thing they want, and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Somewhere in the cacophony of voices that results, the people will hear what they need to make an informed choice. It’s ugly, inefficient, and frustrating, but what’s the alternative? Tyranny? No thanks. I’ll take my freedom and try to scream just a little louder to be heard.


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