It’s Impeachment Time Again

No, not Bush — the Clintons. Michael Crowley argues that what we are witnessing in the fierce determination of Hillary to push on in the face of overwhelming criticism is the same mindset that got them through the impeachment crisis in 1998.

The Clintons find themselves victimized and under siege. The presidency is being stolen from them. The press is out to get them. They deride elites and champion the masses. They live in a constant state of emergency. But they will endure any humiliation, ride out any crisis, fight on even when fighting seems hopeless.

That might sound like a fair summary of how Bill and Hillary Clinton have viewed the past five months. But it also happens to describe what, until now, was the greatest ordeal of the Clintons’ almost comically turbulent political careers: impeachment. That baroque saga hardened the Clintonian worldview about politics and helps to explain their approach to this brutal campaign season. The Clintons have been here before, you see. They’re being impeached all over again.

And ironically, just like the impeachment episode, a small handful of superdelegates holds their fate in their hands.

UPDATE: Wall Street Journal: “It took 10 years, but you might say Democrats have finally voted to impeach.”


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