NYT: Official Obama Media Organ

John Hinderaker documents evidence of the New York Times’ shameless partisanship in covering for Obama. He concludes:

I think we are about to witness a level of partisanship in the “mainstream” media that has not been seen since the era of professional news media began a little over a century ago. In the past, when newspapers like the Times have misreported facts, people have generally assumed it was, even if the result of bias, inadvertent. No longer. We have entered an era in which leading news organs will intentionally and persistently misinform their readers in order to achieve a political objective–the election of Barack Obama.

I suspect the media can read the tea leaves like the rest of us, and are scared to death that the Democrats have, once again, nominated a weak candidate, and stand a good chance of blowing another election. So now they are pulling out all the stops to make sure it doesn’t happen.


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